Emperor Huandi

I have heard that in ancient times people used to live to a very old age. Today even a fifty year-old person looks like a wreck. Is it related to the change of the living conditions or is it people's fault?

Doctor Tzibo

In the past people lived in accordance with Dao, the Higher Law. They followed the rules of the relationship between Yin and Yang; they were reserved and led a simple and regular life; they were healthy both body and spirit, which is why they could reach a 100 years of age. Today people drink alcoholic beverages like water; they are often unrestrained; they are always looking for new pleasures, which is why they hardly make it to the age of 50.

The Yellow Emperor Huandi,
Suvun, Questions About the Simple



The ancient Chinese philosophy views man as part of the inseparable Whole, called Dao. Life is part of the circle of Nature. Nature is a whole system of opposite categories that simultaneously complement each other: Yin and Yang. When the elements of Nature are balanced, life is harmonious. What is good for Nature is also good for man. All functions of the human body and consciousness are a manifestation of “Chi” (Prana, living force). Chi determines life, although it cannot be touched, measured, or seen. In the human body, the Chi energy is moving on pathways called meridians, which connect invisible bioactive points. By means of inserting fine needles in some of these points, the doctors of traditional Chinese medicine can balance the stream of the Chi energy.

The ability to read the signs of the body before structural damage actually takes place, often allows Chinese medicine to prevent a disease before it has occurred, to slow it down, and even to stop degenerative processes. Combining acupuncture with massage, diet, wormwood cigar burning, cups, herbs, rehabilitation exercises, and meditation facilitates the process of healing.