You are doctors not only of the body, but also of the soul!

You helped me regain the desire to dance and sing!

May you be blessed!

I came with coxarthrosis, osteoporosis, and painful exostoses throughout my body. I am leaving without pain. You are a bouquet of flowers. They say flowers are the smile of God.

You are the gift I received for Christmas. Thanks for the opportunity to be around you. I feel like a child sitting in the theater after the movie has finished, staring into the darkness, waiting for more. The elixir my soul came into contact with also healed my body. I wish that you go big and be able to help more and more people, who need you.

Radka Mladenova, Bourgas



I suffer from trigeminal neuralgia. I came to your holistic center in desperation. I had been many places, but had found no relief. The team accepted me very well. Everyone was very careful and kind to me. I felt completely relieved. You gave me back my smile and the faith that I could recover my health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May you be blessed!

Diana, Varna



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I say these words from the bottom of my heart and soul. Words which are not enough to describe what I experienced among the members of this wonderful team. I came with osteoporosis: I could not stand up straight or move freely; I had pain in my spinal cord, my shoulders, and my waist. The masseurs skillfully found the exact location of the pain. The entire team encouraged me to get better. May you always be so very kind, goodhearted, and proper in all your endeavors!

Tzvetana Toncheva, Tarnava, Vratza



Good Luck in this noble deed!

I came to Universum-Medical with the hope to get relief from my chronic bronchitis, accompanied with a persistent cough and a deep, disastrous allergy driven nasal congestion. After I completed the treatment, I was very relieved: my cough diminished and there was less mucus. I am leaving filled with gratitude to the wonderful team of Universum-Medical and I wish them always to be sympathetic to the other people.

D. Balakchiev, Bourgas


Miracles seem unreal and unreachable. But it happened to me and I would like to share it with you.

For many long years (15) after the birth of my children, I had closed myself inside. The world around me had become a taboo. Devoted to my children, I was blind to everything around me. The thought that my life was a complete failure kept gnawing, tearing me apart for a long time. My soul was suffering. The physical pain did not wait either. It kept growing as the years went by. At the age of 42, I was already in menopause. Hormonal therapy did not help, but deteriorated my condition. My chest filled up with numerous cysts: I had reached a complete dead-end. And then, in the tunnel shone the light of the Holistic Center Universum-Medical. Here, I rediscovered the world and myself. Feelings I had not felt in years were rushing onto me a hundred times stronger. Having been carried by the currents of monotony and apathy for a long time, I now love again. I started loving everything that surrounded me. Since then I have been looking at people's eyes sympathizing with their sorrow and pain.

Thank God, dear friends, that you exist. Let you prosper! In the greyness of the hectic days, more and more people will need your love. Because you give love and heal with the power of love.

I love you!

Liliana Jeleva, Varna