Already twenty-five centuries ago, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said: “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” In Hippocrates' time almost all food was medicine. Mother Nature has provided everything we need for us to be in excellent physical and psychological health, full of energy, optimism, and spiritually balanced.

It is enough that we follow the natural rhythm of life and live in accordance with Nature's laws, not against them. Unfortunately, contemporary man has lost touch with his natural roots to the extent that he has almost forgotten how to live in harmony with himself and Nature. His life is a constant struggle against millions of unfavorable conditions, which have destructive influence and cause illness. Scientists agree, however, that the number one destructive factor is the nutritional pattern established in the civilized world. Regrettably, once a medicine, food has now turned into lethal poison. Today no one doubts the need for us to correct our eating habits. There are many nutritional systems, which pretend to be in harmony with Nature's requirements, but they are so many and so contradictory that the question still remains: what are we to serve at our table which will really provide us with energy and health?

It is unthinkable to introduce a formula, but one thing is clear: people throughout the planet need real food, which gives them strength, protects them from diseases, and also appeals to their individual and national tastes.

The specialists at the Universum-Medical Center work with the Eastern (Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine) and Western systems of healthy nutrition. Each patient is prescribed a special diet designed according to his or her state, preferences, and disposition. Sometimes the change is introduced slowly and gradually, while other times it is done faster, in a more radical manner: it is up to the patient to choose the pace. To facilitate this transition, everyone is recommended to take food supplements, which provide precious nutrition for the cells and also aid the cleansing of the organism from toxins. This is a learning process for the patient where he realizes that health is a function of two main processes: nutrition and detoxification.

Our medical center also practices the unique method of fasting therapy of the Bulgarian physician Lydia Kovacheva. Her program is milder and exceptionally efficient, but by no means do its results yield to the classical form of fasting for health. However, it is much lighter for the patient to bear and does not require any interruption of one's work and lifestyle. It can be applied to children as well, who usually take the fruit gladly. The fruit-and-tea relief fasting program of Lydia Kovacheva has been gaining in popularity beyond the boundaries of Bulgaria.