If your head is hurting you, do not treat only your head,
and if your legs are hurting you, do not treat only your legs.


This maxim, an illustration of the wisdom of the ancient healers, expresses very well the main idea of holistic medicine (from Greek: “holos” – whole). We are not made of separate parts functioning individually and independently from each other. Even when only one separate organ is malfunctioning – the whole organism is ill. Therefore it is imperative that we treat the person as a whole, and not his separate parts.

The most efficient and practically the only way of treating a disease is to strengthen the immune system of the organism – this is the second basic principle of holistic medicine. The leading argument is the belief that all living creatures are driven by “living force,” also known in the different traditions as Prana, Chi, etc. When the level of that energy drops under a certain minimum, we become susceptible to agents of infectious diseases, such as viruses and bacteria, unfavorable climate conditions, radiation, unhealthy feeding, as well as negative emotions, unfavorable social environment, etc. According to the holistic approach, illness means disruption of the living force, while the different symptoms are only a manifestation of this disruption.

Another important aspect of holistic medicine is its individual approach. The disruption of the living force (the illness) manifests through various complaints on different levels: physical, emotional, mental, in relation to the individual reaction and constitutional vulnerability of the individual. Therefore an individual approach is essential to successful treatment.

The active cooperation of the patient in the process of treatment is also essential to a favorable result. Health is not static and no magical pills can help us truly achieve it. The road to good health continues a lifetime and requires our conscious efforts. The human organism is an incredibly intelligent system. It has an unlimited potential for recovery. Health is the freedom of man to be present in the current moment and to fulfill the purpose of his life. The criterion for health is not only the lack of pain, but also man's ability to enjoy and create. True healing can take place only if man goes deep into himself, recognizes the faulty models, and changes them. In the team of the Universum-Medical holistic center you will find friends, readily available to support you on this exciting journey into yourself.