Zanko's website



Website of the Edition Zanko Publishing House, where you may purchase Zanko's books, as well as DVD and VHS discussions with Zanko



Website of Universum e.V – An International Association for Spiritual and Cultural Development and Communication in the Modern World.


The website of Universum-Centrum Varna – one of the biggest spiritual centers in Bulgaria to spread and develop spirituality and culture. It is managed by Zanko's disciples and friends and serves as an information center.


The website of Universum-Essencia Varna – center for meditation and spirituality. Offers an opportunity for each seeker irrelevant of his or her age or origin to find the path to him/herself.


The website of Universum-Esoterica, which is a part Universum-Centrum. Offers abundant choices of spiritual literature, meditation music and esoteric objects from the whole world. Here, you can find information about the entire center.


Universum-Travel, Varna, organizes historic, cultural, and spiritual tours in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, Europe, and Asia. It is also the exclusive agency that organizes travel and activities with Zanko; it offers special programs for adolescents and families with children; it organizes seminars, meditations, and seclusion.


The website of Universum-Oasis Bourgas – a place where body, spirit, and soul meet. The meditation aspects here are combinations with modern wellness procedures. An oasis of your high self-esteem!


The website of Universum-Art Sofia – a studio for modern art, architecture, interior and computer design – where its members craftily unite tradition, contemporary currents, and spirituality.


The website of Universum-Musica Sofia – a group of musicians who combine meditation music with folklore melodies – a captivating musical mystery.