Universum-Medical Varna, is part of one of the biggest centers for spiritual and cultural exchange in Bulgaria - Universum-Centrum. Ironically, this retreat into tranquility and spiritual health is located in the very heart of the city.


We are a team of highly qualified doctors and masseurs, who work along with our German colleagues, and approach gently and professionally, with individual attention, the pain of each person. Here we do not prescribe medication that will temporarily dull your pain, but we find the reasons for it and then take utmost care of you through the regenerative power of love and the healing practices of ancient cultures.


Here, we combine the power of traditional medicine with acupuncture, phyto-therapy, consultations on feeding and fasting-for-health, light therapy, energy treatment (e.g. ReiKi), aromatherapy, color-therapy, kinesitherapy, and Ayurvedic medicine. The warm, energy giving hands of our masseurs will offer you a wide array of massage techniques ranging from classical massages from the field of rehabilitation to point massage and reflexology, Chinese healing massage, Yumeiho therapy, aroma-massage, hot stone chakra massage, honey massage, and Ayurvedic massage.


In a peaceful and friendly atmosphere you will have the opportunity to share your problems and fears, and we will help you free yourself of them. In other words: your soul, hidden under tons of problems, will fly along with your body.

Do not let pass the opportunity to once again feel young, cleansed, and healthy: full of desire to live!

Try to smile again and recall how much love there is in this world!