This is a massage technique based on the theory of shifting the center of gravity in the body. It has been introduced by the Chinese Zen Ti Fa Therapy, now rediscovered by Prof. Masajuki Sayondji, Director of the International Institute for Preventative Medicine, Tokyo. Prof. Sayondji has stressed that dislocation of the bones in the sacroiliac joints of the pelvic bone is very common.

Asymmetry in the human skeletal and muscular systems builds tension, pinches the nerve endings, contributes to poor circulation, pain, and hinders organ functions.

The procedure begins with a gentle massage to soften the muscles, and then with the help of manual techniques, all joints of the body are realigned. The method affects the whole body and therefore is very helpful with both prophylactic and healing treatment: what is more, it rejuvenates. The therapy also offers exercises for individual practice.