This healing method has existed for thousands of years. Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan rediscovered it about a century ago and passed it to his successors. Since then the power of ReiKi has been passed down from teacher to student and is now a very popular system for healing and self-healing, as well as a spiritual path.



The word ReiKi comes from Japanese; “Rei” means universal, divine, cosmic, and “Ki” is energy – present in all living beings. The Chinese call the same energy “Chi” and the Hindus - “Prana.” ReiKi activates an entirely different energy in us and in the others: energy with the highest of frequency – light. Light is our true, innermost nature, our actual essence. Our hands have access to this type of energy, which is always supportive and beneficial. It has no side effects or interactions with other systems. It can be combined with all other classical and alternative healing methods. ReiKi moves to the spot where it is most needed, where our blockages and problems are. There is nothing simpler and simultaneously more efficient!